Girls Only

We offer you the security of a supportive and positive girls only environment where we want you to feel confident and supported on our journey.

 Functional Training

Workouts designed to train the whole body at once by combining cardiovascular, strength and flexibility  to get a better workout with quicker results.

 Fun and Challenging

Our creative and unique sessions keep you engaged and your body guessing to make you leaner, stronger and more energetic to be more effective in your daily life.

 Nutrition Education

We give you the tools and knowledge to build a healthy relationship with food through our monthly meal plans. We TEACH you how to eat healthy and delicious.

 Expert Trainers

Our expert trainers are committed to instructing you on proper technique and use of equipment to ultimately build your confidence in all of our challenging sessions.

 Team Support

Our FITGirls are all working towards the same goal of health and happiness, and we believe you can achieve your personal results by working in a team atmosphere.

Achieve your Fit Goals

We believe your fitness goals are one of your strongest motivators for change. Whether you want to lose some weight or build some muscle, we can help take you where you want to go. We work closely with our members to define clear goals to shape the desired energy and focus of your training outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the workouts like?

The great thing about FITGirls workouts is you never know what to expect. Our workouts ensure you don’t get stuck in a comfort zone; they keep your body guessing and your mind engaged. FITGirls classes are exciting and fun. They leave you exhausted but exhilarated. You will actually find yourself excited for the next class!

What results can I expect?

You’ll feel some results immediately, but you will most likely see results within 2 or 3 weeks of starting the program. You will: Lose weight – about 1-2 pounds a week, without putting yourself on the latest fad diet. Your best results will be: 1) Tone your muscles  2) Look your best and feel even better  3) Feel more energetic   and the best part 4) Make great friends and have fun!

What if I can’t keep up?

Our workouts are designed for women of all ages and abilities, from first-timers to seasoned athletes. We tailor our exercises to ensure you are not left behind. We will help you find your fitness level and respect your limits. All of our coaches are well-versed in biomechanical modifications and will help you in any way possible.

What should I bring to workouts?

Firstly, always try and arrive at least 5 minutes early to each session so that we can brief you on the workout and warmup properly. Also, make sure that you never come to training on an empty stomach. If you’re training in the morning make sure you have some blood sugars – whether it be from juice, fruit, cereal or cordial etc. just make sure you have a little something to fuel a great workout. And remember to bring a towel and water bottle to every workout as you will need them!


Fitgirls is a hybrid blend of kettlebells, resistance, plyometric, cardiovascular, athletic, flexibility and balance training, designed to increase fitness, strength and help you achieve the body you want.


Our whole body approach to fitness and healthy living will make our FITGirls leaner, stronger, more flexible, and give them the energy to be more effective in their daily life.


Monday | 6 AM
Tuesday | 6 AM
Wednesday | 6 AM
Friday | 6 AM
Saturday | 7.30 AM